Set shared Parameter

Hi all

I am trying to set a shared parameter in a Title Block family

I managed to get the shared parameter of the project to be sure of the shared parameter’s name but when I apply the script to set the parameter I get the error " No parameter found by that name"
In the screen shot below I am trying to set the parameter called LEVEL (it is not referring to any level or story level of the project)

Thanks for any help

Hi @salvatore.pirrera ,
two things:
-are you sure the parameter is assigned to the category of the element you have selected?
-Is it an instance parameter? if not you’ll need to retrieve the type of the element you selected first , then set the parameter using Element.SetParameterByName

Hi Mostafa

Thank for your help.

  1. Yes, the parameter is assigned to the “Sheet” and
  2. It is an Instance parameter

Thanks anyway.