Set Shared Parameter Values

Am whiling to set Room shared parameter values, Am using “Element.SetParameterValuesByNames” Node, I lied all the inputs, as required, but when ran, I had error,
I have 750 space, 15 list of values (the same values get repeated each 15 space), and 6 parameters,
I need help please.

Thank you.

Your nodes are not readable. I think it may be lacing problem…

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I lied the same script to “set parameter value” node, and it works, but when it comes to shared parameters, the only thing I could do is to assign them to elements, but can’t set their values

Is it possible to set shared parameter value ?

Try list levels. Shared parameters shouldn’t be an issue. The below workflow sets 3 shared parameters and 1 project parameter (Comments).

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Thank you Gavin, Actually I didn’t follow exactly the script above because of some specifications, but the node from your package really made the difference and helped me to solve the situation,
Thank you !!

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