Set a parameter value to a category from another category by a shared a common parameter

Anybody knows how i could set a parameter value to a group of elements matching or sharing a specific parameter?is there a specific node that matches criteria?

that is to say: I have a group of differents floors (created with floor tool) which have a specific number value and a perimeter value.

I would like to set the perimeter value of each floor to a group of rooms in a way that the perimeter value of floor number 1 is assigned to room number 1, the floor 2 to room 2 and so on)

I basically want to make sure that the parameters are assigned in a specific order matching the share parameter.

(I know that the rooms tool give the perimeter, but in the case there are isolated elements like columns or walls inside the room, Revit doesnt add those dimensions to perimeter of room)

(i must say i’m pretty new and amateur in Dynamo…)
Thank you so much in advance!

can you share a sample file with correct names of parameters? (please note: the parameter names are important)

@Jongon welcome them to our community…

Can you share your graph which is so far you have done…