Set project information parameter without open Revit Files

Hi everyone,

it´s possible using dynamo to set the project issue date ( or other project parameter) without open the revit file?

I have a lot of links to update and will be very useful batch update these parameter often without open all the files… :dizzy_face:

thanks !!!

You have to open the file no matter what but their is a system for background opening of a file, then you apply what you want then you close/save it(dont forget to relinquish if central file).

Then you repeat these steps for all files from a given location.

Do note that you have to make sure you do not have the file open or linked into a open revit file otherwise it can sometimes cause issues.

I know Rhythm offers the ability to open a model in the background and close it. I also know you can set project information via getting the project information with an “Element Type” node and an element.setParameter node (See Link - . Not sure if the two will work hand in hand though, worth a try!
Happy Dynamo-ing!