Can you search element parameter values in a closed project?

Hello all, before I go down the rabbit hole here, is it possible to search closed project(s) for an element with a particular parameter value. I mean I know how to do it in an open project but can you do it in closed project(s) thanks!

No, you need to have the project open, otherwise it isn’t loaded into memory. If you have knowledge of the Revit API, you can open a document in the background, which may help with latency as nothing has to be drawn by the graphics card. However, you would still be opening the document, so the load time would be identical.

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Thank you for your response, but isnt there a node that can open projects in the background in dynamo?

Looks like a node from the Rhythm package will open documents in the background as well.

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If you open a project like this, can you change the properties of parameters like normal with the setparameters by name node or whatever? Can you then save it? Also, can you open a central model in background, or is that going to screw things up for everyone as if you opened the actual central model by accident in Revit?

If you want to change non-geometry element parameters, such as project parameters, view parameters, materials, system family parameters etc, you can do this by opening a model, but with all worksets closed.
This is usually very quick to do, as no geometry is loaded

But if you want to change geometry element parameters- as @cgartland artland says- I’d expect that it needs to be loaded into memory

Hi Andrew,

But can I do this with opening the project in the background with Dynamo as in my graph above? Otherwise, this seems like its not automate-able. Or did i misunderstand you?

Also, perhaps my bigger fear is can I manipulate a central model in the background without corrupting it?

Please advise.