Set Pipe Fittings Diameter or Radius

Hi guys, I was wondering how I could change the diameter of a Pipe fitting by the modify palette, could someone help me? You can look at this topic that gokhanozhim did, my question is really his. I can use dynamo, python and C #.

It’s should just be SetParameterByName. You’ll have to show us the particular issue you’re having.

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I am trying to change diameter value in Options bar (Modify Pipe Fitting) not in properties palette… Pipe diameter can change directly (Autodesk.Revit.DB.BuiltInParameter.RBS_PIPE_DIAMETER_PARAM) because pipe diameter seems in properties palette automatically,but pipe fittings not. In addition i can change pipe and pipe fittings diameter in modifies bar diameter.

I’m not sure I follow… It shouldn’t matter where you change the diameter. They’re all the same parameters. Your fitting may not be setup correctly.