Get and Set Pipe Fittings Diameter

How can i get and set pipe fittings diameter ? I can do it for pipes but not pipe fittings…

I am not sure if Pipe Fittings has the Diameter parameter. In my projects, I find that Pipe Fittings have the parameter “D” that corresponds with Pipes’ “Diameter” parameter.

So try changing the “Diameter” text to “D” for Pipe Fittings!

Hope that helps!

Pipe is system family, pipe fittings is family. Diameter seems automatically in properties palette because of pipe is system family and you can’t change this name. But in pipe fittings you found “D” is editable parameter in family. And also Diameter parameter seems automatically in modifies palette when you select pipe or pipe fittings. I am trying to change diameter value in modifies palette not in properties palette… Pipe diameter can change directly because pipe diameter seems in properties palette automatically. But pipe fittings not. In addition i can change pipe and pipe fittings diameter in modifies tab diameter.

How about this one?

Thank you CVest. But i can’t change this result with

I will check on that later. :slight_smile:

What if you created a shared parameter for pipe fittings and then used element.setparameterbyname from size to that shared parameter?

I want to change pipe fitting size.If i could access diameter on modify tab with dynamo when i selected pipe fitting i will change diameter value from another formulas. I think we should access diameter on modify tab from dynamo when we selected pipe fitting. :slight_smile:

You need to find a work-a-round. Pipe Fittings does not have the “Diameter” parameter like pipe does.
What about Nominel Diameter? I would try and dig into that parameter. :slight_smile:

Some pipe fittings dimensions are everytime equal but some not. For example tee(pipe fitting) family in the picture all dimensions may not be equal you can change different dimension for only third connection(inegal tee). But some tee’s dimensions are equal everytime(equal tee). Manufactures are made in this way.

When we connect fittings to pipe and change fittings nominal diameter parameter revit get me an error and can’t resize fittings. (This is only inegal tee fittings, equal tee nominal parameter has work). if i can change diameter parameter from modify tab i think it will be work. I am sizing pipes automacially according to flow but i can’t do it for only inegal tee fittings. I hope you understand me :slight_smile:

Of course. Who thought it should be that easy.
I’ll have a look at it later. I might have an idea :slight_smile:

Hey man, I have the same problem and you already changed by modify?