Set parameter value with the condition another parameter value

How can I set parameter of Area (NFA) in “Area Schedule (NFA)” from Area in “Area Schedule (NSA)” with the same parameter value of Number?



You can add this Area(NFA) into project by following workflow:

1 define this Area(NFA) parameter as shared parameter

2 import this Area(NFA) parameter into the family as shared parameter

3 Using dynamo to get parameter from Parameter Area and assign its value toArea(NFA)

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Thanks, When I do your process, It just gets value B1.01 (NFA) and B1.02 (NFA) and set to B1.02 (NSA) and B1.04 (NSA). It is not right.
How can I get B1.02 (NFA) to set B1.02 (NSA) and get B1.04 (NFA) to set B1.04 (NSA) just run 1 times? I can do it many times with filtering Number for each running.
It is important that setting the Number run dynamic from 01 to n?

@minhson.nguyen.8x I could not figure out the relation between NFA and NSA without your model.
My post can help you assign the value of Area to Area(NFA)

The relation between NFA and NSA is the same column Number. And the yellow highlighted is the value copy from NFA to NSA.


I try many times, but can solve this problem. I can copy value from Are (NFA) to Are (NSA) when run dynamo many times for each Number (column). But I did’t find the way how to run only 1 time.
Please help me solve it.

Hi, you’ll probably need to sort out the list of areas (with their name or other parameter), and then take the values from one list to copy them in the other one (assuming that the two lists are of the same length and in the correct order). A screenshot of the graph can help to get further advice if needed.

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