How to give a value to a parameter from one family to other one

Hello, I am a beginner in Dynamo. In my project I have Rooms with two parameters called “Apt No” and “Apt Area”. I assign the “Apt No” in Revit (depending on the apartment where it is located). And I also have Areas named with the same “Apt No” that I gave before to the rooms. So, I am trying to make a script which search for matches between the “Apt No” of Rooms and the “Name” of Apartments and return the value from the “Area” of Apartments to the “Apt Area” of Rooms. This is what I have so far (I don’t know if it is correct):Capture Thank you very much

Hey Sergion , Have a look at the below script , I hope this helps it selects each room according to the apartment number and places the area or each area scheme into the rooms. Room Area from Apartments

Sergio ,

Here is another script that creates solids of both rooms and areas and checks to see which ones intersect, it then gets the information needed from the areas and places it into the rooms.

I had to try squeeze the script to be able to take a snip of it , let me know if you can read it all

That’s perfect. It works perfectly.

I am going to check the second one.

Thank you Jason