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I noticed the questions on the forum are at a high level and hopefully I’ll be excused for asking a rather beginner question about setting family parameters. I’m really enjoying leaning DYNAMO however some problems seem completely intractable hence my turning to the community forum for help. Dynamo seems to successfully pick up the columns I placed on the reference points and extracts what column parameters are available for assignment, however, for the life of me, I can’t figure out how control any of the columns’ parameters. I continue to get the following error: “Warning: Element.SetParameterByName operation failed. No parameter found by that name.” I’m assuming this has something to do with how Dynamo uses instance and type parameters but I’m at a loss as to what to do to fix it. Thanks,

15-09-04 family instance issue

Can you try reposting your screenshot? We can’t really see it very well.


Are you setting a type parameter?

Hi Blair,

The above error is most likely happening because you’re trying to apply a type parameter to all of the instances. Try applying the parameter directly to the family type itself. There are more examples buried somewhere in the forum. The search function could definitely be improved :slight_smile:


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Sorry about the formatting of the image. I was just using dynamo image export and the forum software and guess was too trusting. BUT, thank you for the image of the correct way to control type and instance parameters. Just getting back from the long weekend I am trying these suggestions today. I did try several ways of searching the forums before posting but this small forums does not seem to have the robust search features found on other larger forums but I am thankful for the help.

I’ve set the topic to resolved because DV’s little picture was a big help and now I can get /some/ intance and type parameters working. (I’m not sure how people are ever suppose to discover List.Firstitem because certainly its never been in any tutorial I’ve seen but that’s neither here nor there.) However, setting the Top Level instance parameter of the columns continues to be a problem giving the error “Warning: Element.SetParameterByName operation failed. The parameter’s storage type is not a string.” Also while trouble shooting the issue I was able to use a code block to genorate the error “The parameter’s storage type is not a number.” So if it’s not a number or string I’m not sure what the input is expecting.


15-09-10 family instance issue

The issue here is that you are trying to set the top level of column. Therefore the input (value) should be a Level (the Revit Element) and not a string as you are showing. FYI -the Revit Elements will always be followed by a green box in Dynamo. To get the Revit Level Element the easiest way is to use the Archi-lab (Grimshaw) package node get Level By Name. See below. So the storage type is an Element, not a number or string or bool…

Levels and Strings

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Errors, errors and more errors. Thank you so much for your pacitence as I try to work my way through learning this.

The “” node does get rid of the errors in Dynamo- YAY! - however, Revit refuses to update giving the error “A serious error has occurred. It is strongly recommended that you use Save As to save your work in a new file before continuing” - BOO! Trying to troubleshoot the issue I was able to fully crash REVIT when trying to assign “Level 2” to the parameter.

My working hypothosis is that there is 2x “Top level(id)” and 2x “Base Level(id)” showing in dynamo which might be contributing to the problem, or the fact I’m only assigning the top level, leaving the to set the bottom level (z=0).


15-09-11 family instance issue

Reposting image for clarity.


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hi bro can you please attach another screenshot. its not clear
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