Set paramater from one list to another with multiple values in sublist

Hi, i want to set parameters from elements located in main list to a list of their sub elements. It´s a problem because in the first list i have less items than second one. I have to combine ?

I would filter out the elements that do not have a sub component first just to get the lists at the same length, then it would be a play on lacing on the element set parameter. This image should show how to achieve what you want. Ignore the part where I insert a string, it’s for my testing purposes to make sure I got the lacing correct.

Hope this helps!

Thanks PatrickHost de manillas en puertas.dyn|attachment (17.0 KB)Host de manillas en puertas.dyn (17.0 KB)

Eres muy bienvenida!

You can also use list cycle to equal the lists. And replace the empty list with element type.

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