Set name for elements and id tunnel

hi guys i want to set an automatically inteligence for my id in my family
i did a lot of tunnelsegments but i want to give it a name by dynamo

the result should be ID-Daten: Kommentare : 2/ 0+ / 002

Hi @vinh.tran!

You can make from a list of items a join string by String.Join OOTB node.

Would this serve your purpose?

is it so that you want your ID to be a unique number from a combination of data in the elements?
then you could use a code block and type [a]+[b]+[c] and feed the three parameters in the codeblock.
this will result in a combined string that you can feed in the set parameter by value.

Hey @lennart030 and @Mate_Magyar thank you for your help.
i am still in struggle with that code block script…
the given names are from this excel list
2m Segment Punkte.xlsx (22.6 KB)

my goal is to have an automatically name in the family id
2 0+ 002 for element 27851
3 0+ 004 for element 27903
4 0+ 006 for element 27908
and reapeat for full excel list

this should be the way to go