Set Mtext Base Point

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sorry for my bad english, but I am trying my best :slight_smile:

Is there a solution for my problem. I have multiply Mtext in the drawing (100). The X and Y of the mtext coordinate is fix. The Z coordinate ist 0. I want to select all Mext by selection or something. After this I want the Coordinate from the base point of the Mtext. The next step: Get the heigt of the DGM on the coordinate from the base point. After this, I want to update the Base Point from the Mtext to set the DGM heigt as Z heigth as property.

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See this is

Here you go @simon022. Give this a try.

SetMTextBasePoint.dyn (137.8 KB)


Good morning @mzjensen, thank you so much. This ist exactly what I need. Can you give me a tipp to get more information about coding with python skript? commands usw.

This is art, pure and simple. I didn’t knew you could pull that with a code block, nor that GetParameterByName angle.
Thanks Zachri!

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