Mtext to specific coordinates in Civil3D layout

Hello everyone!

I’m just beggining to do something with help of Dynamo in Civil3D.
I’ve excel file which contains 3 columns - Text which I want to insert, X and Y coordinates.
I can’t upload any attachment as new member of my failed attempt to insert text with specific coordinates in Civil3D Layout.
But main questions is:
1st question from my side is it even possible to insert text where i want using layout coordinate system.
2nd question is if there are possibility to specify in which layout to perform this action if there would be multiple layouts in one file.

Yes and yes :
You can specify in which block you want to add the text

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Agreed with @david_licona ,

You can also try this alternative method to get to the layout based on the name


Thanks for help!
Managed to find error in mine method.