Set material parameter value from an Excel file

Hey, I was wondering if it is possible to set a value of a specific material parameter from Excel into Revit. For example I added a shared parameter in Revit, linked to materials (The GWP value, Global Warming Potential). I want now to change the value of this parameter in Revit to a new value I defined in an Excel file I created.

you just need to retrieve the name from excel then use the Material.ByName node to retrieve the material

Thank you for your answer, it was not what I expected as an answer but it made me think that I was looking for a solution that was too complicated. Now my code works but I still have a Warning… but it works.

could you show the inputs

You tried to nottoyer the list by removing the nulls,
list.clean for example
also pay attention to lacing and Use level

But if I clean the liste, my list gets from 117 to 114 and I have initially 117 materials, so my index order will not correspond? the nulls are only because my material database is not completely defined yet.
What do you mean with lacing and levels? I am sorry I am not very advanced with Dynamo.

This is how you filter

to keep order, why not add a column of the names of the materials on your excel

Okay thank you very much I will have a look at it!