Set Mass Floor to Mass Family using Dynamo

Hello all,

Using Dynamo, I want to assign a number of levels to a mass to create mass floors. Is it possible to do this with dynamo? Maybe do I need Python?


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is this possible???
We have not found any thread about this.
Many thanks in advance

This one is a bear. Try as I might I have made no forward progress on adding ‘Mass Floors’ to a Conceptual Mass.

‘Mass Floors’ appears as a parameter in Mass elements but the value registers as ‘null’ and although the parameter is not Read Only the storage type is listed as ‘None’.

I thought there might be a way to create ‘Mass Floor’ instances at different levels but that turned out to be a dead end. ‘Mass Floors’ have surface geometry but I had no luck copying an existing ‘Mass Floor’ surface to another level.

If others have failed strategies please leave a note. Perhaps we can arrive at an answer by examining a body of failed strategies.