Set Key Plan (Shared Nested G-Anno, Family Type Parameter) in TTLB on Sheet

My TTLB is using a Family Type Parameter to display the Key Plan (shared nested Generic Anno family). What am I missing in setting the correct type family in the Instance Parameter? I get no error when I run the script. I have one sheet with the wrong setting, but doesn’t get updated.
This is what I’m trying to update in the TTLB family on the Sheets…
Here is my script…for example I’m making sure all my “Area A” sheets are set correctly.

A lot of times these types of parameters are looking for Element Ids and not elements. Does the Set Parameters node say anything in the results window?

Also, is your sheet filtering giving you the right result?

Can you expand all the results and post?

After thinking about getting the ID from the “Family Type”. The lightbulb finally went off the next minute after brainstorming your comments, so instead of grabbing a setting from a sheet, just set it from a “Family Type” Node as the Value; and it worked.

For some reason even though it works I get this error…
“Warning: Element.SetParameterByName operation failed.
No parameter found by that name.”