Set Formulas for Revit Families

I am using DanEDU custom node Family.SetFormulaByName, the node works well but i have a big issue when it comes to “if” statements. I may be trying to use this node for something other than what it was intended for. i have a large list of parameters and formulas i would like to be able to push into existing families, I thought this node would be part of the solution, but it seems the syntax of “if” statements doesn’t work well in Dynamo.

It is not the if statement there is the problem, it is the quotation marks. If you want to use quotation marks inside a string, to transfer a string value, then you need to add a backslash as shown. numeric values would not have the problem, since they dont need quotation marks.
If you used string-node as input then you would not have the problem at all.