Changing/adding Formula to a parameter in Familyfile

Hi ,

Im trying to add a formula to a parameter in a family file without opening the family. Ive already read a few topics but could only find one where the DanEDU node should be able to do it. Ive already used some DanEDU nodes that work perfect but this one does not seem to work.

Does anybody have another idea on how to set formulas?


Hi @verdi

Your getting null at SetFormula node that’s because your values contains regular expressions. Can you show screenshot of the value in Revit Family Editor you would like to set.

Thanx for the reply @Kulkul ,

Ive also tried the script with just “Breedte kozijn” but it also does not work. The reason i put the \ " \ " is because it is written in the instructions of the DanEDU script. Here is a screenshot of the value of the formula i want to insert.

I need to do this for more than 40 families so Dynamo would be very usefull here. U can use any family to try it. I just need a Instance parameter set in the formula of another parameter.

@Kulkul ,

Ive found the problem. It was a mistake i shouldve seen from the start. The built-in Revit parameter “Width” in the windows is not an instance. The script is working accordingly. Sorry to have taken up your time :x.



It is a good node, just like the others youve coded. ive been using them for a while now, thank you ! :+1: :slight_smile:

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