Set family parameter \"Material for model behavior\"

Hi, I have various steel plates that have come from another software platform. I need to tell revit how this material behaves by setting the “material for model behavior” parameter. I can open every instance of this family manually and make this change however this will take time. I would like to group all the families in my project file and make this change in dynamo. The problem i can see is, this particular parameter is only visible in the external family editor so i’m not certain this can be done? Any feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks

Hi Dynamocando,

There is a custom node from “Clockwork Package” called “FamilyType.SetCompoundLayerMaterial”. Try using that see if it helps. Below is an example of walls.

Hello, please could you give me a hint how did you manage to use this node with structural elements?
I have Structural Columns imported from IFC and the node wont take them as far as they are not Compound Structures I suppose…
Thank you