Type Mark re-numbering to sheet creation

Hello Forum. I wonder if anyone can offer some advice?

I am looking to number the Type Mark of family type elements and at the same time create a new sheet for this family type (i.e a spec sheet for that family type). I have created a test dynamo graph which works to some extent, see attached, however I would like to make sure that the type mark assigned by dynamo to the family type and the sheet number then do not change by dynamo in the future, either when new types are created or if types get removed from the project. Is there a way to list the type marks and if any new family type gets added it gets appended to the end, or if ones get deleted dynamo can fill this gap in the list by assigning the missing type mark?

If anyone offer an approach to how I could do this it would be very much appreciated.

Many thanks
TimType Mark Numbering to Sheet Creation Test.dyn (78.8 KB)

Hi Forum

Sorry, not to worry with looking at this request, I have moved away from this approach and now looking at a different route.

Thank you for those who read and considered this.