Sequence applied within a family

Hi there,

in order to optimize the mounting of solar panels, and their supporting profiles, I want to place the roofing membranes in a specific rank.

There are only two types, narrow (pink) and wide (white)

Now I made an array of individual elements, but I want to pour it into one big family, in which the position of the elements is controlled in some kind of a sequence.

So I can manipulate the geometry by a kind of schedule…and use this information to position other equipment too.

-Any Thoughts on how to do this?
-Does anyone has something similar…maybe in a complete different activity, but with the same structure?

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@Willem_Creffier can you share your dyn adn rvt files and show us where you got stuck?

Hi Salvatore,

I didn’t put any intelligence in it yet, it’s just pieces of membrane lined up next too each other through copy and array.
For a start I need ideas first…or something I can copy.
I will send you the model, if you’re into industrial buildings with mixed structure you might find it interesting.

Kind regards.


Hello Willem,

Did you get any success in completing the dynamo script for scheduling. If YES, can you please share it. I am also searching for solution for same kind of problem.

Hi Usama,

no, unfortunately not.

If you did, please feel free to let me know.

Kind regards,