Sensor Networks

The forum just ate my last post, so I'll keep this short. Two sensor examples attached. Example one is a simple example for using a web request to get data from the web and put it into a parameter on a family instance. The second example is for parsing an aggregated sensor data file of the type generated by a Hobo data logger. I've also attached an example data file which is being used by the second example.

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Hi Christian,

Sorry for the delayed reply. This site's emails were getting sent to my spam account. Have you tried with the newest build?


Hi there

Try to follow your ideas.

Looking at your FileReaderTest.dyn it seems that the SplitString node

is not part of the the newest dynamo edition (Beta-1) for Vasari.

What could I use instead?

Best, Boris.

I wasn't able to open FileReaderTest.dyn

Apologies if this is something obvious, its my first experience with Dynamo!


Could not create an instance of the selected type.
There was an error opening the workbench.
Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
at Dynamo.Controls.dynBench.OpenWorkBench(String xmlPath)
Clearing workflow...
Workbench could not be opened.