Send to Web....! Oh...!

Dynamo studio…! send to Web problem…!
cannot proceed with some nodes from certain packages i have started every thing with skp as my base site…! I have everything generated from the base sketchup model how to deal with this issue…?

I understand that there are dependencies can they be copied into the web platform??

Last I checked Python nodes and custom nodes which use them cannot be sent to the web. Post your graph and a description of your workflow and someone may have an alternative.

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@JacobSmall hit the nail on the head. No python, custom nodes (unless they are comprised of only OOTB nodes), or c# nodes.

Like said before, outline what you want to achieve and we might be able to do it other ways.

Send to web does support reading if SAT files though. So that could be a route depending on what you need.

I chose a option manually for this time…! but I would expect a update from dynamo with this resolved…:slight_smile: …!

Don’t hold your breath as it’ll be awhile. As I understand it this is a security thing which they can’t control.