Recovering nodes from the package?

Greetings to everyone,

I’m having a bad day so far.

I make codes and knots for offices. I’m adding the nodes I wrote to my individual package, and it’s almost fine so far, but I had to format the computer I used over the weekend, and unfortunately I forgot to copy the nodes from my package with absent-mindedness, and of course I can’t get to date. I’ve lost a lot of knots right now, and I’m going to have to rewrite it.

Is there any way to bring it back? (I believe it’s not, and I’m learning to live with it.)

What do you guys think about it?

Hello @Durmus_Cesur - that totally sucks and I’m really sorry to hear :frowning:

All Custom Nodes are saved to your %appdata% location on your local machine, so unless you shared those .DYF files with someone else then they are unfortunately lost. If you shared your .DYF files with someone else (i.e an in-house package that was published locally) then you should be able to get your content back from those users’ machines :pray: - it will once again live in %appdata%.

Unfortunately, the shared package for users is connected to the server and connected to the folder of the package on my computer on this server.
The whole system collapsed with a chain reaction. I acted like an amateur, so I’m so sorry about that.

@solamour, I wish our Dynamo packages were registered on our accounts we opened on Revit, and in such cases we just need to log into our account. It’s just an idea.

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Ouch. Tough break here. :frowning:

You might want to consider hosting your work on a GitHub repo or the Dynamo Package manager - both will get you more meaningful feedback and provide some ‘cloud backup’ to prevent the catastrophic errors. The later also ties to your user ID so you’ll be able to quickly access it as well as use it for easier distribution to the rest of the office (and beyond).


Right. It’s time to use GitHub.

Thank you, everyone.


Hi @Durmus_Cesur - We’re going to put some effort into the way packages are handled with a second phase of ‘Workspace References’ at some point in the not-to-distant future :slight_smile: In this case we’ll be looking at how graphs can better talk to Custom Nodes. So it’s on our radar!


I’m so glad to hear that @solamour. We’ll see some good days soon.


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