Is there a way to put a semicolon in a code block as text? What escape character should be used?

If inputting into a Code Block, you’ll want to put it in as a String. Have you tried putting it into the Code Block like: “;” ? The quotation marks demarcate a String which is in essence text.

yes I used quotations marks, but Dynamo automatically changes the place of those and puts the semicolon at the end. Well not with a single semicolon. But when I put “Param1; Name1; Value1”; then Dynamo automatically puts returns after the semicolons.

If you want your defined variables to be on a single line, you could add them to a list by using curly brackets like so:


You’ll still be able to interact with them individually inside the code block. Tho I don’t see the benefit of doing so. We’ll be able to help more with some more background information.


In the Netherlands we use semicolon as separators in csv files. I would like to exchange parameters between different solutions using existing csv files. If I use a comma as separator I get into trouble if the parameter contains e.g. x,y,z values.

What are you putting into the code block exactly? The values separated by semicolons?

If that’s the case, here’s a “hacky” fix. Simply use another character in your code block and replace it with the semicolon.


Thank you for the report. The issue is being tracked internally (MAGN-6713).

Thanks John. I didn’t think of using an input string node. I can probably use that to build the input for a csv file correctly through string.concat. But indeed the Code Block should have the possibility to use semicolons. Thanks for addressing this in next version Colin.