Self Intersection


I am trying to create script for finding overlapping between Dimension and other tags, text. But it is highlighting self intersection of dimension as well. So like it to highlight intersection only between dimension and tag / text. Please help.

Hello @Nitesh_Panchal

the intersection node you are using is for the elements not for the tag and dimensions.
So you can try to convert tag/ dimensions into geometry and then find the clash.
Just for your reference, i did this exercise
Now you can further modify this script as per your requirement.
Dimension Tag intersection.dyn (45.1 KB)

Sagar Jain :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Sagar,

I tried your script but showing error on following node. It will be helpful if you can resolve this.

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Pretty sure that node is from the clockwork package. It was added to standard nodes in later builds though (I can see it in R22).

Hello @Nitesh_Panchal ,

As @GavinCrump is correct, it is from clockwork package.
and I am using it in Revit 19, i am not sure about latest version. If you are using the latest version then Gavin can help you because he already have a solution.

Hi Sagar,

I have made few changes to script and seems working fine for me with trial project but when i run the same script on actual project it’s not highlighting the dimension in different color which are overlapping with any annotation. All dimension are highlighting as self intersecting only. Attached is the revised script and part of the actual project for your reference.Dimension and Text Overlapping_Updated.dyn (75.6 KB)

Hello @Nitesh_Panchal ,

can you try with this one,
Dimension and Text Overlapping_Updated.dyn (85.4 KB)