Selecting Wall Infills of Demolished Windows and Doors

Hi there, I’m working on several housing renovation projects where the same work is being done on multiple buildings. Part of the scope of the work is to replace all of the windows and doors, which there are quite a lot of. I’m trying to use Dynamo to create family instances for all of the existing/demolished doors and windows in the New Construction phase and set up the grid below.

It almost works fine, except the elements are embedded in the infill walls created from demolishing the existing doors/windows. I’m wondering if it is possible to retrieve the infilling element created by a demolished door/window, so I can assign that as the new element’s host. My thoughts were to use the existing/demolished elements’ location points to return the elements at that location in the new construction phase (the infill walls) but I haven’t been able to figure it out and can’t seem to find any nodes that will accomplish this. I’m guessing it could be possible with a Python script? I’m fairly new to Dynamo and Python so would appreciate any suggestions/direction if what I’m trying to do can actually be accomplished.

Thank you!

This little tidbit should help.

In your case I would say it is a pro.

Get all walls.
Filter by ‘phase created’ = null.
Those are your infill walls.

Thank you Jacob! This did work to collect the infill walls! However I’m still stuck on how to associate the correct infill as the host to the new door or window based on their locations. The infill wall’s oddly return the geometry (length etc) of the original walls so it doesn’t seem like I can associate the locations of the doors/windows with the infills by means of their geometry. I’m assuming there might be a way I could search the door/window location points within the wall lengths and associate them that way, but haven’t figured out how. :thinking:

Any points in the right direction would be great!

Can you post a sample dataset and an example of what you are trying to accomplish? I’ve always just done a copy/paste in place and called it a day as things work but I didn’t check the host - haven’t used Dynamo in a project with door/window replacement yet (been awhile since I’ve had that at all actually). I imagine it should still be the same as the original wall (not the infill wall) in all cases as that wall also hosts the infilled wall - moving the infill out of plane isn’t an option but moving the original wall is.

The copy/paste in place was what I thought would have worked! but the elements paste with their host as the original wall so they are not cutting the infill walls. Below the Phase Filter is set to “Show New”, and you can see the new windows and doors are embedded within the infill walls rather than cutting them.

There aren’t many doors and windows pictured here, but we have to do this for multiple buildings totaling 727 doors and 374 windows, and since the copy/paste method didn’t work as I’d hoped, I am trying to use Dynamo to be able to set the infill walls as the host using the Springs.HostedInstance.ByPoints. This works if I manually select using Select Model Element the door and its correct infill and use those as the inputs. (tried to include additional photos here but apparently new users can only upload one image, lol)

However manually selecting the infill element as the host for every one of the 1,101 elements in Dynamo would only be slightly faster than manually placing all the new elements in Revit. So my goal is to associate the infill walls with the correct door/window locations and input them all at once into the Springs.HostedInstance.ByPoints node. I’m just stuck at figuring out how to order the list of infill walls match the indices of the family instances based on their locations…

This is the manual selection I was referring to

Sorry for the multiple replies the text wasn’t showing on the nodes, this is where I am stuck.

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did you magage to select the infills?

Demolish, Use Element.DependentElements from clockwork with original wall.


Hi ! I’m trying to do the same, Here is the project and the Graph.

The issue is to cut the major wall with the infill walls, as to clear the geometry and get perfect holes after the windows are demolished.

Any idea if I used the right node at the end ?

Thank you
Projet1.rvt (456 KB)
Version 1 tous les murs.dyn (27.1 KB)

As a workaround, I made a version that changes the Infill Wall material to a material that is near Void, as new constructions are inside another linked project … But if only we could cut the original wall !