Selecting specific surface for profile view


I have a profile that shows the terrain surface and the projected profile. I need to select the projected profile. How do I do this on Dynamo?

exemplo perfil

I used the nodes below to try to select the profile, but it doesn’t select the projected profile. Any idea?

exemplo nó

Hi @dffreitas,

You should be able to just select the Profile directly. Or you can select the parent Alignment and then use the Alignment.Profiles node.

Actually, I need to extract some information from this profile, like Maximum and Minimum Elevations, Starting and Ending Stakes.

exemplo nó 2

If I use the “Alignment.Profile” node, I can’t get the information I need.

I guess maybe we should clarify terms. Are you trying to get information from a Profile View or a Profile?

From a profile.

I want to read the information on Maximum and Minimum Elevations, and Starting and Ending Stakes.

exemplo perfil

I was trying to read this information from Profile View, but I wasn’t selecting just the projected profile.

Would this work?

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Thank you so much, @mzjensen

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