Selecting Revit Reference Lines

Hi All,

How can I select a reference line in Revit and control geometry in Dynamo?
I want to control the size of ellipses which are not created in Dynamo itself but kept as reference lines directly in Revit. I found that I can easily select model lines with “select edge” node, however, it does not work the same with reference lines.
I hope that makes sense.


add a parameter to the length of the reference lines and control the line through the parameter

like in this post:

You can use Select Model Element. and Springs.Element.SetLocation for reference lines:

However I can imagine many cases where setting the location like this won’t work.
Maybe you can share what’s the final goal?

Essentially what I’m trying to do is to loft ellipses which has different angles (not all flat on top of each other) as well as with different diameters.
I’m not trying to do it directly in Dynamo but even now somehow it doesn’t work. I think, my problem is that the ellipses I’ve created overlap with each other in some points.
I’m attaching the dyn file for reference. Test.dyn (63.9 KB)

Can’t you simply calculate the “height” of the ellipse by


Some of the ellipses intersect which is definitely one of the problems. The other one is that you’re lofting pairs of 2 ellipses and not a flat list.
Other than that it’s not a problem to loft elipses that don’t lie on paralell planes.