Select Revit Structural Steel Family and Add Fireproofing to Members

I am working in a Revit 2021 model and I am essentially trying to select all instances of the W flange beams in the building and add 2" of fireproofing insulation around each. I attached a picture of the code I have been trying to use but I keep getting error messages. I have also tried several variations of it, such as using “select model elements” instead of categories but nothing seems to be working. Does anyone have any ides how to fix this/write a code that can select all elements and manipulate them simultaneously? Thanks!

hi, can you display the contents of Element.Faces and your first warning message from List.GetItemAtIndex

Screenshot (67)


This is the error message for List.GetitemAtIndex. Element.Faces just says “empty list” and it also gives me the option to use levels but when I try that it does not seem to do anything. Thank you!

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Hi @ck77 probably something…not sure


You are requesting indexes that do not exist
this is your problem here

How do you insert lists like the one under “all elements of category”? Sorry, I am pretty new to using it!

Hi no worries :wink: but im not really sure what you mean, could you illustrate it

I circled in red what I am talking about! I am a little confused how to fill in the lists, on mine it says “empty lists.” Thank you!

This is what mine look like

yeah seems like you dont have any elements in that categori, not sure…try select these element in revit with select models element, so you know the categori…try show what you select