Select or highligth elements in model by IfcGUID

Hi all.

Is there any way that I can highlight elements in my Revit model that matches a certain IfcGUID parameter?

What I have is a list of strings with the parameter values for the IfcGUID parameter that one finds in the properties window for elements. I want to match this list with the elements in my model that has the exact parameter value and furthermore highlight it! Thanks in advance.

To select elements from their GUID try the Id to Element node from Archi-lab_Grimshaw or Element.ByID from Clockwork.
To “highlight” these elements I think there must be a node but can’t find it. You could however override their color, or write a temporary parameter and use a filter in revit to color these elements, or create a selection set with the SelectionSet.ByElements node from Clockwork

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@GregX This topic has been solved here Highlight elements in active view Thanks for replying to this :slight_smile:

@arbazhamayun Next time ask your query only once to avoid confusions. Thanks :slight_smile: