Select Model Element Not Working

I know this is very basic. Even though I watched youtube videos and saw from the primer I couldn’t select the floor surface or the floor with the select model element. When I put the node, it come with a yellow error sign. and the select button doesn’t work. It just gives me the chance to do a square selection but nothing happens afterward.


Select by using TAB or isolate in view
There is Select model Element (single element) and Select model Elements (muliple Elements)
Look in the top left corner of the revit view after selecting using the last

Marcel thanks for the answer. That’s what I see in videos etc. but in my work it doesn’t apply.
I isolated the floor but still select model element/s don’t work. Nothing in the top left corner.

I should be able to select the edges just like in this video: Youtube Video

Please do a screencast of what you are seeing as the behavior you are explaining is very odd.

Hi @JJUlkins

You can’t use select model element in perspective view. Use different view to select model element. Cheers!


oh thanks a lot!! It was just like that. I just made it through a plan view and it worked!!