Select Elements of Category, in Crop Region


Is there a dynamo node (for Revit) which selects elements by category/by view, but within the crop region of the view? It seems like most nodes pick up elements outside of my crop region.


hi @toothbrush

When its croped it workes this way…



Thank you for the reply. Not working for me like it is for you…

4th element is at the hi-lighted area:

Revit 2020, Dynamo core/revit



Do you pick up annotations? could it be that the hostelements in the view? how much elements do you have? maybe you can ignore them or just delete it manualy? @toothbrush

Maybe the Family has Reference Planes that make it go into the View even though it’s not visible.

Thank you, but no. I’ve tried it by moving the family hundreds of feet away but same result.

These are Elements, with a Generic Annotation. No, I have not run it by searching for the Generic Annotations rather than the element. Is that what you mean? Seems harder to sort if I do it that way.

Family Element Visibility in Plan/RCP is off. I ran a test with all Element Visibility ON (just to see if that was it) but still the same result.

There can be upwards of 300 devices. The script is an autonumbering script which numbers along a specific path. But it’s picking up devices outside of the crop region if they exist on the same level. Something I had not accounted for when originally creating it.