Select element by Spline intersect

can someone please explain what the heaven is going on here?
this is a simple graph yet I cant figure it out! want to rename my rooms based on a spline which was possible in dynamo 1.3 but now in 2 it is not possible. any ideas? thanks

Lacing issue maybe?

the result is still null

just keep in mind that the spline have an elevation of zero when you draw it on view, just check if the room started from zero also to the above level. because if not it will never intersected

the spline is on 0, same as the rooms, should I elevate the spline?
I did and it’s still null

i think you cant, but for test try to make the room start from minus value like -100

I elevated the spline and the result is the same

can you show the output for all nodes?

Anybody?? Nobody?? :frowning: