Dynamo renumber by spline - Error include not intersecting rooms

Hey All
I’m quite new to dynamo, so this might seem like an obvious problem for most.
But I got this Renumber rooms by spline script, which i have edited a bit.

The script works and do renumber the rooms as intended.
But sometimes it select rooms that are not intersected by the spline usually at start, and I can’t see to get my head around why that is.
I think something must be wrong with my approach of selection? By i’m still quite new to dynamo so can’t really see what might be to blame.

As you can see at picture nr. 2 the spline does not touch the room at all.

I would love if you would take a look at it., and post your thoughts about where it goes wrong .

best regards Henrik

Picture nr 2

Bounding boxes are… box shaped. They are intersecting your spline. Use the room geometry instead.


Hey Nick
Yea i had a feeling it was something like that.
Can you point me in the right direction on how using room geomtry instead as i said i’m quite new to Dynamo.

You already have the room geometry. Just use that with Geometry.DoesIntersect.

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Thanks man, I will give it a try :slight_smile: