Select coordinates and create two lists for points X and Y

Any help will be very welcome.
Any help will be very welcome.
I need to identify the coordinates of the lines of each floor, that is, first identify each room and the lines that make up the contour of this room identify the position of each one, x and y position.
I managed to get the point of the cads and generate lists with the coordinates, but I was unable to create a table separated by cadre, and there is another problem, I was able to generate the cad reference lines, but I need to generate a center, and only use this center as a reference , How can I do it?
Thank you very much in advance.
Coordenadas das linhas por comodo_ok.dyn (78.7 KB)
teste.rvt (4.3 MB)

I think this is what you’re after?
Revit on the left, Dynamo on the right.

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Centre of lines is PointAtParameter and you’d want 0.5
Centre of room can be achieved by drawing a bounding box around each set of lines and extracting the centre of that.


Success! That’s exactly what you needed and you did it in just a few steps!
Thank you for the help!

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Exportando JSON.dyn (78.8 KB)
Can you help me one more time?
I am unable to export the data that I organized into lists, neither in CSV to Excel, nor in JSON, which would be my priority. I’ve tried many things, but it doesn’t work in JSON, the spreadsheet is not organized as it is in the list and all the information is not included. What am I doing wrong? What else do I have to do? To convert directly to JSON, how can I do this?
Any help from you is always very welcome. Thanks

Maybe start a new topic. :slight_smile:

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I created it, but no one has helped yet :frowning: