Select all alignments and their profiles to create 3D text instead of one by one

Is there a way to select all alignments and profiles in a file and then use them the same way if I select each alignment individually?

My task is to use dynamo to select all alignment in a file and their profiles, and then create 3D text using Camber package. It work fine when I use the graph in the bottom .dyn file that select alignment in drop down menu and I write the profile name manually but when I try to use the setup in the upper graph the coordinate system doesn’t recognize more than one station for the profile.

My question is if there is a way to convert the list of Alignments and Profiles so that I can use them with the nodes the same way as I do with only one alignment selected or do I need to think from another direction?

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Alignments.dwg (2.2 MB)
cdh_Station3DLabels_splitted.dyn (140.1 KB)

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It was no changes, :frowning:
It seems like when I select several profiles the CoordinateSystem node can’t create separate lists for each profile. Instead only first station value get 3Dtext.

@mzjensen I only get on 3D text in the beginning of the alignment and when I decide which alignment to set 3D text it works. See the attached .dyn file and attached dwg-file.

cdh_Station3DLabels_splitted - version 2.dyn (243.4 KB)

I managed to select to profile using code block and select the first profile in the list and the result is string in both cases. The issue seems to be that there is two different length of strings. Is there a way to remove blank spaces in the beginning and the end of the string?

Translated the Node to code to save some space
Remember to add a space after “=” at the first row. Hard to see but it make sence

Btw, thanks for the 3D-text node from Camber package @mzjensen

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You got it, Patrick. Glad it worked for you.