Sections from a curved model line

Hello All,

I am currently trying to create bunch of sections from a curve. I found this article I have recreated the workspace but I am getting errors because everything is old and not talking to each other.

Could someone offer me a solution on how to get this to work?

Thank you in advance.

CurveSection.dyn (16.0 KB)

It is just sample.


Sorry but you are very vague in what you want to achieve with your script.
Could you maybe explain in depth what you are trying to do and what your preferred input and output is?

  • Daan

Hi @Daan,

Thanks for the reply. I am looking to create a section for a curved ramp.
I was hoping to do this by using Dynamo to create sections along a curve model line.
In my google searching I found the post I referenced in my previous post however, I can’t seem to get that to work.

@Yong-sung.choi that’s exactly what I was after.

Many thanks!

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