Searching for element type inside bounding box

Hello guys,
I have elements of a specific type of family , i want to create a cricular bounding box around each element with diameter of 2000 mm , then i want to find if each bounding box have other element of the same family in it so how to do that

If I am correct sadly you can’t create a circular bounding box and rotating a square one individually isn’t also possible…

So you can make square bounding boxes but only facing true north or project north.

But can i find if there is an element of a specific type inside bounding box?

Yesh that is possible for sure with the nodes from BIMorphnodes I think so


I see it’s been a while since this was posted and don’t know if you still have this issue, but here’s my solution anyways.
You can create a circle or sphere around a certain point (location of the family). Then you can use the node Geometry.DoesIntersect to spot which points are too close too eachother.
It’s not exactly a circular bounding box, but perhaps it offers a solution to you.

I’ve made a little example with desks as families.

Elements too close sphere.dyn (25.7 KB)

Hope this helps!


I will try it , thank you