Creating a bounding box cube for 3D section box

Hi, not sure how I achieve creating the cube for the bounding box for the 3D section view box

Can someone delete this. Its wrong for what im trying to achieve. I need to get intersection point of two elements before creating a bounding box around it as a location

Can you elaborate on your question? Maybe a picture showing what you are trying to do?
There is a node for creating a boundingbox by elements. Maybe that might help?

sorry there was alot more to it then I thought when I asked the question. Need to find an intersecting point in intersecting elements. They could be intersecting by alot or a little or could be any type of element intersecting. Finding any point inside the intersecting part of the elements. Then use that point to create a scope box around it. Offset a certain distance from the intersection point.

say this column is intersecting the floor below. Then a point was found somewhere in the intersection and a scope box was offset from the center of the intersection point. Hopefully the picture below helps.