Search for syntax in string

Hi guys

Is it possible to search for a specific syntax within a list/string? I’d like to determine whether a View Name contains a Sheet Number prior to removing that part from the View Name.

As the Sheet Number that might be contained in the View Name not necessarily will be related to the view (due to a view being moved or removed from a sheet), I’d like to be able to specify the numbering syntax of the sheets (i.e. “X-XXX.Y”) and search the View Names for that instead.

What do you think?


hi @Christian_Boggild_Sc ,
I’m sure there are more sophisticated ways to do it … But something like this could work :

you could also make sure that the X and Y characters are integers :


@Christian_Boggild_Sc Regular expressions are fun! (regex)

Here is a website where you can play with it:

\S represents all non whitespace characters, and \s represents a whitespace. You can try to replace \S with \d which represents digits.