Filter out sheets that have a specific element on them

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I’m currently working through recreating a dynamo script I found that will place views on a sheet. The issue I found is that it will place an instance of it even if one already exists.

My thoughts on how to accomplish this without knowing how to exactly execute: Since the specific item I am trying to place is our keynotes schedule I was thinking that I would filter the list by element id. I was able to obtain the elementid of the Keynote schedule. I’m just not sure how to gather the sheets that have that element and then filter them from the list of views that should have them.

I’m not a coder (trying to learn bits here and there) so the more dumbed down a response can be the better.

Thanks in advance for your time!

I have come up with a solution that would work, but still curious about the above question if anyone has some input or direction where to look.

My solution is to have the script first remove all of the specified view (in this case our keynote schedule) and then have it replace it in the designated location.


I’d probably use the view name, as they have to be unique in the project?

Get the views on the sheets > Get View Names > String Contains ‘Key Note Schedule’ > Filter (views) By Boolean Mask > Add to sheets

Here’s a similar one that I threw together yesterday at high speed…

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Thanks Mark,

I will have to give this a try.

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