Sculpt 3D Solid with Surfaces in Dynamo as AutoCAD does

Hello community,

I want to replicate this workflow of AutoCAD with Dynamo and I am looking for a solution because the result is quite different, not acceptable.

I created a simple model test with vertical extrusions, that are converted to meshes which are triangulated.

In AutoCAD, start with many model Mesh (902), I join them with Union and I get a single surface, after that Sculpt the surface and separate independent 3D Solids as expected.

Notice, some surfaces disappear because are not closed, which is correct and created on purpose to see the results.

  • AutoCAD process success, not achieved in Dynamo:

In Dynamo the workflow is get the meshes as surfaces, create single polysurface with all surfaces (PolySurface.ByJoinedSurfaces) and get the solids (PolySurface.ExtractSolids).

Unfortunately, the result is quite different than expected because I get isolated vertical surfaces as solid (marked in red) and a few 3D solids as expected which are the most simplest, but the majority of the 3D is missing, not generated.

The difference in the workflow is that I cannot join surfaces in Dynamo before create the Polysurface, is there any way to do that?

Is there other way to SCULPT as AutoCAD in Dynamo? the only similar way I found was the node (PolySurface.ExtractSolids)