Script works in editor but not in player

The script below is from an Autodesk University tutorial for aligning beams to the bottom surface of a floor. For some reason, it works in the editor, but not in the player. I have checked and rechecked the code, and I don’t see any errors. Also, I’m pretty new to Dynamo so it might be something obvious to a more advanced user.

have check the inputs value ? in the player before running it ?

Hi there! Thank you for the quick response. Are you referring to the edit inputs button? I hit it and it says there are “no inputs to edit”. The script will work exactly once, then it wont work again on different floors.

Hi @a_hart ,

The script only works once since you (probably) saved the Dynamo graph with those items still loaded in the nodes, such that when you run the script it used those preselected inputs :slight_smile:

To let the End User change the inputs from the player you have to check the “Is Input” variable in the node as follows, you probably want to do this for the “Select Model Elements” node:

After you have done this you can change the input(s) from the Dynamo Player :slight_smile:

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