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I need some suggestion regarding the way I designed the script. Let me brief you something about my current task. I have a family, which has 765 types (family types) and I want to insert data from excel into the family. There are 12 parameters (type parameters), which have to get updated through this script from excel, but the script is taking so long time more than 15 to 20 hours, which is a bit hard for us to work within the tight schedule. Now, what I want if anybody can correct me with my script if anything is wrong or suggest me any better idea to reduce the time. One more thing, I ran this script on computer, which has 32 gb RAM, i7, and 4 gb dedicated graphics card. Please see the below images, I have pasted the script in three parts, but I hope you can understand, the first two are parts, and third one is complete script. There are no errors with the script, but its taking tooooooooooo long time Please provide suggesstion and thanks in advance.

Unable to read anything in the attached images.
Could you share your dyn file instead?

Have you considered generating a Type Catalog, instead?

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Hi Guys,

Appologies for delayed response, please find attached .dyn file @Vikram_Subbaiah. No @truevis I have not considered Type Catalog for these families, but instead is a good option. My preference would always to go with Dynamo, as it is safer and faster, but this time its not working in my way. Any suggestions are much appreciated.

Family Data Input.dyn (42.8 KB)

You’re using Rhythm’s “SetParameterByName(TypeOrInstance)” exclusively in your script. It is a very convenient node but that convenience comes at a price:

As you can see, there’s lots of logic involved behind it and executing through it all will slow things down on a large dataset. Since this is your own model and you intrinsically know if a parameter belongs to a type or an instance, it would be much more effective to simply target it directly in its appropriate container.

Dear Dimitar,

I used Rhythm’s “SetParameterByName(TypeOrInstance)” in this script, because all parameters are Type parameters, other nodes were not working for Type parameters. I cant see nodes in the image you pasted, please paste a higher resolution image or .dyn file to investigate further in the script.

Try using this to get type parameters. It should be a bit faster

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Thanks to some guidance from @Dimitar_Venkov, I will be updating this node very soon. Your feedback is great and makes for some great imporvements! :slight_smile: