Scopeif vs scopeif+


I have been struggling almost all day because the scopif node OOTB doesn’t work correctly, lucky clockwork has made a replacement named scopeif+.
The OOTB node set all nodes before scopeif to NULL and passes trough somehow in my case a “search value” from String.Replace.


What is your input for the ‘test’ in each of these?

Hi @JacobSmall,

String This is the true result
At first i did try with the IF node and this didn’t work either now i tried it again and tada it does work.

You want the input of the ‘test’ to be a Boolean (a true or false value), not a string. See the dictionary for more info.

I want to compare if the test value is the same as the true value in this case a string.
and it works with “IF”.
I tried to recreate the error with the “IF” node as i mentioned before but i think it was due to memory and that a restart clears the memory or something.


How about this?

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That’s not how it works though. While you’re getting good results now it could be an issue someday (think nested lists and such).

As a result I recommend using an == node to test if they two are the same, and feeding the resulting boolean to the test input in the if node.

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