ScheduleFilter.ByFieldTypeAndValue - multiple output possible?

Hello, and thanks for advice.
I’m writing a script that adds a filter to multiple schedule views. It is very close to working now but I have one roadblock that I’m having trouble with.

I am providing ScheduleFilter.ByFieldTypeAndValue with:

  • a single field for the “field” input
  • equal for the filter type
  • a list of two string values for the value field

I am expecting the node to give me a list containing two schedule filters, both filtering by the same field but each looking for a different value.

Instead the node gives me a single ScheduleFilter using only the first value.

The output of this node feeds ScheduleViewAddFilters which is in turn receiving two ScheduleViews. The result is that both schedule views end up filtering on the same value but I want them looking at different values (per my list).

How can I fix this so that I get two schedule filters driving into the add filter node instead of one?

Have you looked at the filters once they’re applied? Filters can have multiple rules so I’m guessing the node is applying both values as separate rules in the same filter. Try using list levels to force two separate filters.

Thank you. I understand the idea, that the input to the ScheduleFilterByTypeAndValue should be a list of lists. I am not sure how to convert my simple list to a deeper structure. Opposite of flattening! Researching…

Both schedules receive a single identical filter, with just the first value of the list applied.

I figured it out. Needed to use list.chop with list length set to 1 and also the field needed to be repeated. Works swell, thanks for the hint.