Schedule to Excel - Revit 2023

Hi, I have some issue with this graph. I followed everything with what @GavinCrump shared in his youtube channel but sadly there is an error with ExportToExcel node. Just 1 error. May I know what is I missing?

Can’t see your data to confirm, but it appears that your filepath input is a number, but needs to be a string to a valid file path. Double check the input setup.

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@jacob.small hm i think the input is just okay.

Put a watch node on canvas to review the content of the data flowing into the path input, as it indicates this is an issue.

@jacob.small yeah seems like nothing there. Is it Collect.ScheduleByType is the problem.

When you run the graph, are you selecting a file path?

yes I did


in the picture, you need get filePath “string type” but you putting “number type”.
if not yet solved, can you upload this file .dyn to this post?