Schedule handed (flipped) windows using bakery package

i’ve been trying to schedule out flipped instances of windows - using bakery package nodes ‘by Get Element Rotation’ also tried the “Get Element Position Rotate Mirror"

Neither seem to give me the outcome i’m after. I’m wondering if the orientation of my walls are an additional factor i need to take into account?

the node seems to split the list but i can’t seem to diagnose why it is categorising some windows incorrectly

any help greatly appreciated
files as below, my test project seems to large to upload

GetWindowFlip.dyn (38.7 KB)

GetWindowFlip.dyn (38.7 KB)

dynamo definition

ScheudleWindowFlipping.rvt (3.4 MB)

sample rvt project file

Try this (from Orchid package)

thanks Marcel that has worked perfectly